“If you dream a wish it will come true, but you have to invent a pair of magic boots and believe in yourself.”

Zara’s journal entry this afternoon (with a few parental spelling edits).  The magic boots is a reference to Z’s project with her daddy that was borne our of her fervent wish to fly, but I think the metaphor holds true for anybody dreaming of breaking out of the mold.  Be creative, be industrious, but most importantly, believe in your possibilities.  And whatever your initial dreams are and wherever the road ultimately ends, the journey will surprise you.

Almost two months into our year-long travels, what I am most grateful for is the opportunity to witness the daily magic of a girl on the cusp of 6-years old in a way that wasn’t always possible with our busy lives at home.  That is what I’m trying to imprint on my brain and why I know that ultimately the places we visit are a second order magnitude in this journey.