I wrote earlier about a chance encounter in Hong Kong.  The streak continues and has me wondering if there is some greater hand at play.  A few days ago Zara and I were reading and relaxing in our Penang recovering from our energy-sapping colds when shouts and peals of laughter wafted up to our balcony and I saw that the pool had been overrun by masses of kids who looked like they were having too much fun to resist.  We hurried downstairs and Zara quickly befriended an outgoing Australian girl.  When the skies suddenly opened up we made a mad dash for shelter and were lucky enough to be invited to the group of families’ party.  It turns out that they were a group of family travel bloggers meeting up in Penang and included several families whose blogs I have been following for several years!  They are an amazing group of people who are living inspirational lives and I feel so lucky to have met them in person!  Without their stories to inspire me, I wouldn’t be writing my own right now.