The “security” line at SFO was its typical chaotic crush of removed shoes, emptied pockets, backpacks disembowled of their laptops, bodies scanned and bags “rechecked”. Phew. Made it. Glad we are so “secure”. Only on the plane did I spy my sharp pointed vanity scissors in plain view in my carry-on. “You better put those in the checked luggage for our next flight,” Jonathan cautioned. Check.

Fast-forward to HK Airport security. Feet remain happily ensconced in shoes, no xrays piercing our bodies, total calm. Bags scanned. Security woman motions me towards my bag. “Scissors” she says. Looking puzzled, I say “No.  I put them in my checked luggage.” She insists. I open my backpack. She points immediately to Zara’s pencil case where I sheepishly acknowledge Zara’s pair of rounded edge art scissors. Security woman pulls out ruler and methodically measures them. They pass muster (as they obviously are barely adequate for cutting paper).

Which world would you rather live in?

p.s. Of course we forgot Zara’s entire pencil case on that flight so now I only have to worry about 1 pair of scissors again!